Alerts allow you to configure notifications & actions through JFrog Connect Agent and API's based on triggers gathered from various data points across your device fleet.


Configurations are the triggers themselves that will be put against your devices data points.
Each device can only trigger an Alert once every 10 minutes.
All Alerts are automatically marked when they trigger and finish, and are observable in the "Triggered Alerts" tab
Finish stands for when the alert is out of the defined measurement.
To create a trigger, follow these guidelines:
  1. 1.
    Press on "Configure New Alert"
  2. 2.
    Configure your parameters according to the image below

Red - Alert Name

Select the internal name to which the Alert will be referred as.

Blue - Alert Channel & Applied Channels

Each alert can have multiple channels assigned, so it can perform a few actions upon events (Trigger/Finish).
Refer to Channels for additional info

Green - Alert Type & Trigger

Alert Type is the defined data point category, select Resources or Processes.
For Data Monitoring alerts, refer to the Data monitor section
Trigger when stands for the exact data threshold that the point will be measured against.

Yellow - Applied Devices

Select the applicable group and devices that the alert will measure, you may select any devices based on JFrog Connect Filter bar.


When an Alert is triggered, they perform actions according to your selected Channels.
Two possible channels are Email and Webhook.
When creating a channel, follow the parameters below:

Channel Name

Select the internal name to which the channel will be referred as.

Trigger & Finished

Select when to send the alert to the desired channel, based on Trigger, Finish, or both.

Bundle Alerts

Select to avoid multiple messages through selected channel type in case of multiple devices are triggered at the same moment. If enabled, the alert will be sent as list of all triggered devices in a single message.

Channel Type


Alert will send an email to the selected Email address.
Select the desired Email from your list of connected Team Accounts.
Custom Emails cannot be set and the email must be a part of your account holdings.


Alerts can also be used to trigger a Webhook in order to integrate with any third-party applications/endpoints.
Please view our Webhook docs for the full-fledged integration overview
If the Webhook channel does not receive any request within 3 attempts, it will be marked as invalid and will stop further attempts.