Locate Devices

JFrog Connect uses Google Maps to automatically locate devices according to IP address. You can also set locations manually. Use the map in Connect to locate all your devices.


When a device registers to the JFrog platform, the Google Maps geolocation service uses the device’s public IP address to assign it a location. This location is an estimate and might not be accurate. This page describes how you can view devices on a map in JFrog Connect’s web UI and different methods to change the device location.

View Devices on Map

Viewing devices on the map is not available to on-prem customers.

You can view a map of your device locations in the Overview page. Go to Overview in the left navigation tree and scroll down to the map. Each peg on the map represents a device. Green pegs are online and red are offline. When you click a peg, you can see more details about the device.

You can adjust the position and magnification of the map to see all of the devices in the map.

Locate Device on the Map

If you know the device name, you can use the map to find the location of a device. Just choose the device name in the dropdown list, and the map will focus on that device and display its details.

Change Device Location

The different ways to change a device's location in JFrog are described below.

Manual Location

To change a device’s location manually, do the following:

  1. Go to Devices in the left navigation tree and select the device you need to change.

  1. Scroll down to General Details and click Edit.

  1. Choose Manual Location.

  1. Enter the new location and save.

Refresh Location

You can refresh the locations of your devices for the whole project or for any subset of the project. However, the refresh function does not act on any device that has Manual Location configured.

To refresh devices, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings in the left navigation tree and choose the Project tab.

  2. Choose Refresh Location.

  1. Select the devices to be refreshed and click Next.

  2. Review the information in the summary and if it is correct, run the refresh.

Set Location using API

Using the Change Device Details API call, you can send a new location (using either the address parameter or the lat and lng parameters), and the location for the device will be modified. The values you enter are validated by Google maps. However, if you later refresh the location using the web UI, the location can change according to the Automatic Location by Google Maps.

What’s Next?

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