Create JFrog Connect Account

It’s easy to create a JFrog Connect account so you can get full control of your IoT and edge devices. This page walks you through the procedure.


To create your Connect account, complete the steps below.

  1. On the JFrog Connect web page, click Free Trial or Start a Trial.

  1. Fill in your name, email, and other required information on the registration page. After you click Proceed, you will need to wait a moment while the account is being created.

  1. Sign in to the JFrog platform. You are already a registered user in JFrog, so enter the credentials as follows:

    • Username: The email address you entered in the previous step.

    • Password: The password you entered in the previous step.

  1. When the Welcome page opens, click Continue.

  1. Answer the questions on the Setup page and click Continue. If you mark Business or Enterprise for the purpose of your project, you will also need to enter your company name and job title.

  1. Your JFrog Connect account has been created and is ready for you to start your IoT journey. Choose one of the options shown below.

Start with your Device Now

At this stage you can connect your first IoT device to JFrog Connect.

  1. Enter the following:

    • Project Name: A name for the project that is alphanumeric and does not contain spaces.

    • Project Key: A unique string that identifies your project. Starting with a letter, the project key is lowercase alphanumeric and has 2 to 32 characters.

  1. Complete the procedure described in Register your Device.

Explore with Free Demo Device

  1. If you chose Explore with Free Demo Device, complete Step 1 as described above in Start with Your Device Now.

  2. Wait about a minute until the device is created. Your registration is now complete. The JFrog Connect console is open and it displays your demo device.

Talk with us about your Project Requirements

You will be directed to the Contact Us page. Enter your contact information, submit it, and our team will get back to you to discuss your IoT project requirements.

What’s Next

Learn how to register your devices at scale.

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