Fleet Overview

The Overview page is the dashboard for your JFrog Connect project. You can see top level information such as fleet stats, alerts, notifications, versions in use, and the latest device registrations.

Dashboard View

The Overview page provides a dashboard view of your fleet. To see the dashboard view, go to Overview at the top of the left navigation tree.

In the filter bar at the top, you can set the project you want to display. You can also filter to display the data for a specific group only. The data displayed in the panels corresponds to the filter you choose.

Product Fleet

The Product Fleet panel displays the number of devices online and offline and the total number of devices. If you click the panel, the Devices page will display.

Live Alerts

The Live Alerts panel indicates the number of each type of live alert in the relevant project or group.

To see the actual alerts triggered, click on any of the numbers in the panel. The Alerts page will display showing the Triggered Alerts tab.


The list of Notifications shows the latest activities in JFrog Connect.

Application Versions

In the Application Versions panel, you can choose an application in your fleet and view a pie chart breakdown of the versions of that application deployed. Hover over the version number to see the actual number of devices deployed with that version.

Device Registration

The Device Registration panel is simply a histogram of the devices deployed over the last three months.


You can use the map to find the exact location of a device. Just choose the device name in the dropdown list. You can adjust the position and magnification of the map as needed. For more information about the map and device location, see Locate Devices.

What’s Next?

Learn how to filter the devices you see in the Overview page.

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