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Update Flow Overview

Update Flow is a completely customizable approach to OTA updates. An update flow is a set of actions enabling you to build reusable procedures for deploying updates to your IoT devices.
An Update Flow is a set of instructions that carries out a software update of your IoT devices. In JFrog Connect, you build an update flow using prefab building blocks, e.g., like building with Lego blocks. Each block, like Run Script or Deploy Containers, completes a discreet action in the flow. You can arrange the order of blocks and use them multiple times in a flow, as needed.
To realize the full power of update flows, keep reuse in mind when you create a flow. When you combine features like update parameters and groups with an update flow, you can use the flow like a template that will be flexible enough to use over again for deploying software to your entire fleet.
This chapter describes in detail each update flow building block, also referred to as action blocks, and provides examples so you can get the most out of any update flow you create.

What’s Next?

Learn how to use the Run Command action block in an update flow.