Remote control

The Remote Control tool lets you connect to your Linux terminal through a web-based ssh. Using the Remote Control feature allows you to remotely debug issues on your edge devices.

Opening remote control session

To begin a Remote control session, press on the Remote Control column at the Devices table. A window will pop up with a random generated Secret Key. You will also notice a time counter, during the shown time, select the intended username that you would like to connect on the device.

When the time reaches zero, a button to connect will show up, when pressing 'Connect' a terminal window will open and you may begin troubleshooting your device.

Experiencing issues with the Remote control? Refer to the troubleshooting guide.


In order to use the Remote Control tool, please verify the following bullets:

  1. ssh-server and ssh-clientmust be installed on the device.

  2. the root user must exist and be enabled.

Please note that NO ports need to be opened on the device or the firewall for the remote control to function.

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