Artifacts enables you to deploy updates to your devices by specifying paths from your JFrog Artifactory to destination paths on your devices.


Artifact block allows you to select artifacts from your artifactory and deploy them to your edge devices.
Requires incorporation of Artifactory, see JFrog Account Integration.
Requires Agent Version 6.0 and above.
Deployments using Artifactory consider the file's checksums, therefore, devices will only pull diffs when downloading the update.


JFrog Account

Select your JFrog Account, you may use your default account or integrate another by following our JFrog Platform integration guidelines.

Artifactory Path

Select the path in artifactory where the file or directory is located.
The path can be either a directory or a specific file.
You may select multiple directories or files by pressing the Add Artifact button.

Destination Path on Device

The device path is the directory on the device that the files will be pulled into.
The directory on the device must exist beforehand, otherwise, the update will fail.
JFrog Connect does not automatically create directories when deploying updates, you may create a folder using the "Run Command" block in the General Section.

On Fail

Allows you to define the occurrences upon failure of the Artifactory block.
By default, when the block fails, all files are automatically reverted to the previous state.
In order to allow a Rollback functionality, Artifactory deployments require your device's free memory to be higher than the update size.
To calculate how much free memory is required, follow the equation below
Free Memory Required > Current directory size + Update size + 10MB
To read more about On Fail configuration, refer to the Rollback section.