Deploy Container

Connect's Update Flow enables you to deploy a single container or multiple containers using Docker Compose directly to your Edge Devices.


Connect's Update Flow allows you to pull containers directly from a repository to your edge devices.
You may:
  • Whether it's a public or your own private repository, you may utilize Connect's Single Container option.
The use of Single Container does not require any prerequisites
  • JFrog Connect allows you to utilize the latest Artifactory tools to utilize Docker Compose capabilities to deploy and manage containers.
Even if another registry is integrated, Docker-Compose utilizes the incorporation of Artifactory in order to deploy the update to edge devices. Please see JFrog Account Integration.


JFrog Default

By using the JFrog Default option, the default instance of your JFrog Account will be used to deploy containers.
Reach JFrog Platform to learn more about the default instance.

Other Registry

By using the Other Registry option, you may integrate any registry of your choice to deploy containers to your edge devices.
Requires integration with JFrog Platform when using Docker Compose, regardless of the integrated registry.

On Fail

Allows you to define the occurrences upon failure of the Deploy Container block.
By default, when the block fails, all container images are automatically reverted to the previous state.
To read more about On Fail configuration, refer to the Rollback section.