Remove a Device

To remove (i.e., delete) a device from your JFrog Connect fleet, you need to uninstall the agent from the device and delete the device from the server.


Removing a device completely from your fleet in JFrog Connect requires the following procedures:

  1. Uninstall Connect Agent from Device

  2. Delete Device from Connect Server

In both steps, which are described below, ensure that the device chosen is the device you intend to remove.

Step 1: Uninstall Connect Agent from Device

To remove the Connect Agent from the device, run the command below by physically accessing the device terminal or by using the Remote Commands feature from the Connect web UI.

rm -r /etc/upswift/ /etc/connect/ /etc/system/systemd/upswift.service /etc/system/systemd/connect.service

Step 2: Delete Device from Connect Server

To delete a device from the Connect server, do the following:

Tip: This procedure does not delete the Connect Agent from the IoT device.

  1. Go to Devices in the left navigation tree and ensure that the filter at the top is set correctly. Choose the device from the list of devices. If you do not see the device name in the list, enter the name in the Search box.

  1. In General Details, review the information to ensure that this is the device you want to delete, and click Edit.

  1. Click Delete. If you are sure that you want to delete this device, click Delete Device in the confirmation popup.

What’s Next?

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