Frequent questions

Which hardware does JFrog Connect support?

Connect service works on the next processors' architectures: x64, x86, armv6, armv7, and armv8. Besides that, the most popular industrial IoT SBCs and SOMs are supported. If you have any special or custom-made board, you can contact our support team at or at the chat to help you understand if Connect service will work on your board.

Which OS JFrog Connect support?

Connect service works on any Linux based operating systems. Therefore, your edge device must run Linux-based OS (Yocto based, Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian, etc..)

How much network data usage the service consume on the device?

The data usage depends on the account configuration, while every “communication cycle” (keep-alive that includes device status, resources, etc), takes between 4-5KB’s. You can set the communication cycle under the settings -> project section -> device communication cycle.

What is the maximum number of devices that can be registered?

JFrog Connect supports a scale of hundreds of thousands of devices. Although to register more than 1,000 devices, you have to contact our support team. If you are already on a paid plan and need to add more devices, you can simply add more devices under the Change Plan button, and we will automatically bill you for the additional devices. If more than 1,000 devices are needed, please contact us at

What is the footprint of JFrog Connect Agent?

Connect agent footprint depends on the architecture of your devices. But in general cases, the size of the agent is 2MB, it uses approximately 10MB RAM, and consumes almost no CPU, depends on the hardware. Each communication cycle of Connect Agent and Connect servers uses approximately 5KB of network data. For more information, please contact us at

I don't have "Connect" service or directory on my device

For some agent sub-versions, the branding and name of "connect" is defined as "upswift" if the directory/service name of Connect does not exist, make sure to check for "upswift".

The agent behaves the same, only the name is different.

Artifactory instance IP

When using a cloud instance of Artifactory, the IP would not be static and might be changed. Therefore, In case pulling artifacts requires IP whitelisting, please reach out with your project details to in order to receive further support regarding the matter.

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