Service-Level Agreement


These Support Terms (the “Support Terms”) offer a proactive approach to maintaining the quality and integrity of your connectivity to your registered devices.

JFrog Connect Chat Support – for all inquiries regarding the technical use of Connect and support for abnormal operations.

JFrog Connect Support Email Address - All inquiry types are accepted.

Chat Support

JFrog Connect online chat support (“Chat”) is available for technical abnormalities and occurring issues that disrupt standard use of the software and services and require prompt response. We will be diagnosing and prioritizing issues arising in production and helping you identify the root cause so that you can rapidly resume normal operation. Access to the online chat is available within the JFrog Connect online platform

Support Email Address

For inquiries related to billing, sales, and low severity issues that do not require an immediate response, you can reach out to

Response Time

Response times may differ based on the customer subscription with higher priority to Premium, average response time is 2 hours during Regular Business Hours. JFrog Connect’s undertakings hereunder are not intended to indicate a resolution to a problem that might have occurred but an initial response by our support team.

Business Hours

Regular Business Hours: Sunday to Thursday between 9:00AM to 11:30PM (Israel Standard Time (IST)).

Point of Contact

The user who initiated the support request will remain the main point of contact for such purpose on behalf of our customers. If such main point of contact cease to be available via the Chat, JFrog Connect will use such user’s email to continue providing support.

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