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Binary Repository Overview

JFrog Connect enables your devices to pull updates directly from your favorite repositories.
A binary repository is a tool for storing and downloading binary files used and created in software development. Just as you have a repository for all your source code, you also need a repository for your binaries.
The binary repository is used to store software packages, artifacts, and their corresponding metadata. The metadata stored with the artifacts describes the binary software and includes information such as dependencies, versioning, and build promotions. A binary repository, such as JFrog Artifactory, is different from a source code repository in that it does not store source code files.
JFrog Connect links directly to your binary repository so that your edge devices can pull artifacts such as container images, packages, and dependencies during a software update.
When you create an account in JFrog Connect, you are automatically registered to Artifactory in a JFrog Platform account. If you need to connect to a different JFrog account or to a binary repository in a different platform, use one of the procedures below.