Processes monitor

Monitoring processes whether they are running or not and while receiving alerts accordingly
To begin monitoring a process, enter the software binary name. Connect monitors the given app name by searching for the currently running process with a similar name on the connected device.

Monitor standard software

To monitor running software, In most cases, the software binary name equals the executable file. 4 examples of binary names: 1. - running python application, enter the python app main file name that is being executed by python. 2. app - running an executable binary file, enter the binary file name. 3. - running a Bash file, enter the Bash file name. 4. mysql - running a ready-service, enter the service name.
*In case of monitoring issues, it is recommended to enter the full path of the running application, for example: /home/device-app/

Monitor Containers

To monitor running Docker container, choose and enter one of the 2 options:
  1. 1.
    runtime-runc - will monitor if there are any running containers.
  2. 2.
    Enter the specific running command - the command that is being used to run the application inside the container, for example: python /home/ The container command can be found running "docker ps" on the edge device.
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