Connect & JFrog Platform

JFrog Platform integration with Connect makes IoT devices first-class citizens in a DevOps pipeline, ensuring speed, reliability, and security of IoT software updates with device management at scale.

At the heart of the JFrog Platform is JFrog Artifactory, the industry standard for universal binary repository managers. Artifactory provides end-to-end automation and management of binaries and artifacts throughout the application delivery and deployment process.

Default JFrog Platform Account

When you create a JFrog Connect account, a JFrog Platform account including Artifactory is also created for you. This enables you to easily upload binaries to an Artifactory repository and automatically pull artifacts for deployment to your edge devices.

Connect creates two repositories in your new Artifactory account:

  • Connect-default-docker - To be used by the Deploy Container and Release Bundle update blocks.

  • Connect-default-generic - To be used by the Deploy Files, Artifacts, and Release Bundle update blocks.

JFrog Platform Instance

You can find your JFrog Platform instance domain under your Account settings. (In the sidebar menu on the left, click Settings.)

JFrog Instance Domain before April 2022

If you have registered to Connect before April 2022, do the following to find the JFrog Platform instance domain:

  1. In the left sidebar, go to Updates and click the Create Update Flow tab.

  1. Ensure the Connect Agent is 6.0.

  2. Drag and drop the Artifacts action block and click it.

  1. Ensure that the JFrog Account field is set to default-connect and click the eye to the right of the field. The instance domain is under JFrog Platform URL.

JFrog Xray

When you use Connect as an integral part of the full JFrog Software Supply Chain platform, you can take advantage of JFrog Xray, the universal software composition analysis (SCA) solution. Xray proactively identifies open-source vulnerabilities and license compliance violations before they manifest in production devices.

Integrate with other Repositories

Regardless of the default Artifactory instance, you can integrate your Connect account with additional repositories or Artifactory instances of your choice.

In order to integrate another instance of the JFrog Platform, see JFrog Account.

What’s Next?

Create a JFrog Connect account and register your devices.

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