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Each device can send up to 3 API calls in a minute. If you reach the limit, you will receive an appropriate response code. Please check the response codes and send no more calls than the limit. Otherwise, your device may get banned for API calls. All calls require user_token and some of them require device_token.
Token retrievals might have slight differences between agent versions, we strongly recommend upgrading the Agent to the latest version available.
All endpoints' payload data is in JSON format.

User Token

The user_token can be found in the Settings category on Connect dashboard under your account.

Device Token

Devices with agent 5.4 and above, run the agent with the flag --print-token to receive the device token: /etc/connect/service/ConnectAgent --print-token
Here's a ready-to-use script to grab the device token:
import subprocess
CONNECT_AGENT_PATH = "/etc/connect/service/ConnectAgent"
user_token = "Your user token can be found in the Connect UI"
device_token = subprocess.check_output(CONNECT_AGENT_PATH + ” ” + AGENT_FLAG_TO_GET_DEVICE_TOKEN, shell=True)
#! /bin/bash
/etc/connect/service/ConnectAgent --print-token
Devices with agent 5.3 and below, device_token can be found in the file /etc/connect/service/settings.json