Manage Users

This page describes how to view and edit users in JFrog Connect and describes some other user management tasks.

The User Management tab in the Connect UI also enables you to view all the users, edit user information including login credentials, general and project specific permissions, and delete users.

View List of Users

Once you have created a Connect user, you can find the user listed in the table of users that appears in the User Management tab. In the Status column, a new user will appear as Pending. Once the user has logged in for the first time, the status will change to Active.

Edit User

You can edit Connect user information only when the Status is Active. In the Actions column, click the edit pencil for the relevant user and you can change the user’s permissions.

Delete User

You can delete a Connect user that is in either Pending or Active status. In the Actions column, click the delete trash can.

What’s Next?

Learn how to create new users in Connect.

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