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User management

JFrog Connect customers can create multiple team accounts with dedicated permissions.


The admin account can invite team members using their email addresses and set permissions for each user account to which project(s) he has access, which tools he can use, and what data he can see.
All available permissions:
Permission type
Permission name
Account permission
Invite and modify accounts
Invite new accounts and modify their permissions
Account permission
Let the new account modify billing details, purchase new and cancel subscriptions
Account permission
Create and modify projects
Create new projects and modify those project settings
Project permission
Create and modify groups
Create new groups and modify existing groups - change the name, delete, etc.
Project permission
Modify devices
Edit device details such as name, group, description, location, etc..
Project permission
Remote control devices
Open Remote control sessions on devices
Project permission
Deploy Updates
Deploy existing OTA updates on devices
Project permission
Run Control Center commands
Run Bash commands on devices through the Control Center
Project permission
Create and modify Data Monitor
Create new and modify existing Data monitor parameters and alerts
Project permission
Modify Alerts
Ability to set which Project alerts he will receive
Project permission
Register new devices
Register new devices to the projects he has access to
Project permission
Devices logs access
View and download logs that are being sent from the devices.
Project permission
Create Updates
Create new OTA updates
Project permission
Create and modify Control Center commands
Create new and modify existing Control center commands
Project permission
Modify engines settings
Enable/Disable the Resource monitor and the Application logs
Project permission
Create and modify Process Monitor
Create new and modify existing Processes monitor binaries and alerts

Invite a User using Connect user management

If your account was created by signing up directly to JFrog Connect, please follow the guidelines below.
  1. 1.
    Navigate to Settings > User Management
2. Press on 'Create User +'
3. Fill out the relevant project and permissions, and choose your colleague's email & password.
4. His account will be inactive until the first login, from then the status will change to active and the user would have access to your Project instance environment.

Invite a User with an existing JFrog Platform Environment

When creating a JFrog Connect instance out of an existing JFrog Platform account, the user management side will be done from the JFrog Platform and not JFrog Connect.
Please reach out to JFrog Platform docs to invite users to your environment while keeping up with the correct permissions, and have them log in to JFrog Connect.
When the first login is established, their account will be enabled on JFrog Connect and you will see their addresses under the User Management tab.