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Deploy Update Parameters

Learn how to deploy Update Parameters after they were defined during a creation of the Update Flow.


Update Parameters are used to create a flexible Update Flow that is not bound by a pre-determined variable, but instead, uses a new value that is defined upon deployment.
In order to apply an Update Parameter during deployment, they have to be defined during the creation of the flow.

Deploy Parameters

When creating a new deployment, all applicable Update Parameters will require a value during deployment.
Update Parameters do not have a default value, when configured, a value must be set upon deployment.

Deploy Update Parameters via API

Update Parameters can also be defined in the deploy update API call.
In order to define a deployment with an existing Update Parameter, add the following parameters to your call:
"deployment_configuration": {
"flow_id": "f-dd0c-73b9",
"parameters_mapping": {
"username": "ubuntu",
"conf_path": "/etc/app/settings.conf"
For more information regarding API Deployments, read Deploy Update.