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Deployment Best Practice

On a fleet of devices, make sure to implement a best practice deployment set up in order to maximize reliability and control while minimizing errors to the minimum.

Test Group

To deploy an OTA update in a stable reliable way, make sure to have a few groups that are separated to: Test group - devices that are in your development lab and are similar to the devices that are in production. Production groups - from one to unlimited groups that include the deployed devices by location, product type, etc.
Update deployment best method: First, deploy the OTA update on the Test group, make sure that everything worked as expected, and your lab devices running in the way they should after the software deployment you did.
Then, Deploy the same update on the needed production group by going to the 'Recent updates' tab under the 'Updates' category, clicking on the 'Deploy to others' button, and choosing the relevant production group to begin the deployment on.