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Schedule Update

Schedule Update allows you to determine when the device is available to receive updates.

Time-Based Schedule

A time-based Schedule allows you to schedule an update based on the time of day.
When deploying an update, mark "Schedule deployment" and select the time of day that you would like the update to be deployed.
Time of day is based on UTC time-zone.

Update Trigger

Update Trigger is used through our REST API to block or allow a device or group of devices from receiving updates.
To best explain the use-case, imagine a kiosk screen device that always serves a person during the day, but is at ease during the night.
Utilize the Update Trigger to allow a device or group of devices to only receive updates during the night by reading the time of day, and triggering a flag into Connect servers.
For API instructions on how to perform, reach out to the Update Trigger page.