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Update Deployment

Whether it's a single script or a complete version, utilize the latest tool in deploying an update to your device/fleet of devices.

Connect OTA update methodology

By default, updates are being deployed in the order they were sent. In case the device is offline by the time the update was sent, the updates will roll out in the right order when the device gets back online.

Deploy Update

You can deploy an OTA update to your edge devices manually in the Update Flows tab in the Updates page or using our REST API.

Deploy Update through Connect Platform

To deploy a flow on your devices click on the New Deployment icon on the right.
A window will pop up with the deployment options:
  • Devices filter - choose the devices you want to deploy that flow on them.
  • Comment - set a comment for that deployment for your later reference.
  • App version - choose if you want to set a version for an app that represents this deployment (more about apps you can read below). You can also unset this option, in this case, that deployment will not be related to a specific app or a version.
After creating a deployment, you will be able to view the progress under the Deployments tab. You will be able to view the progress for each device and the status, pending / in progress / success / failed / aborted.
You can abort the update as long as the deployment didn't start yet (pending state) or while it's in progress.
You will also be able to view the status and output for each of the flow blocks and if a rollback was executed.

Deploy Update from API

After an Update Flow was created, it is possible to deploy the flow from the Rest API.
This is most useful for utilizing different pipelines in your development process and taking the deployment of your fleet to the next level.
For more information, please refer to the Deploy Update page.