View Deployment Details

You can see detailed information about the deployment of a software update including its current status and the progress of each of the blocks in the update flow. You can also stop the deployment.


Once you have launched a deployment, you have full visibility into the status of the software update. This includes a brief summary of All Deployments in the Deployments tab and a detailed view for each deployment.

View All Deployments

To see a snapshot of your most recent deployments, go to Updates in the left sidebar and click the Deployments tab. The All Deployments table shows you the progress summary of your software deployments.

In the Progress Summary column, the numbers represent the number of devices in each state:

Pending | In Progress | Success | Failure

View Detailed Deployment Information

To get a detailed picture of your deployment, do the following:

  1. Go to the Deployments tab and find the relevant software deployment in the All Deployments table.

  2. Click the relevant icon in the Progress column.

The left side of the Progress popup summarizes information relating to the entire deployment, including:

  • Deployment Configuration

  • Deployment Progress

  • Deployment Parameters

On the right side, you can see drill-down info relating to the deployment on individual devices.

Status Summary of Update Blocks

To see the progress of the update blocks for a specific device, click the arrow on the right.

All of the update blocks for the deployment on that device are shown in a list. A green check mark on the left indicates that the update block has completed.

Status per individual Update Block

To see information about a single update block, click the arrow on the right. Click the arrow again to close the update block view.

Stop a Deployment

You can stop the software deployment to a particular device or you can stop the entire deployment. Deployments can be stopped only if they are in the Pending or In Progress states. For more information, see Stop a Deployment in the Create Deployment page.

What’s Next?

Learn how to use the update trigger to block updates to devices.

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