Git Repository

Git block allows you to pull your latest version directly from a git repository.


Connect's Update Flow allows you to pull your code directly from a git repository, whether it's a public or your own private repository, you can use the Git Repository block.
When a Git block is used, devices will utilize a git clone command to have a standardized and functional git repo.


Git Account

Select your Git Account, if it does not exist, please follow our Git integration guidelines.

Destination Path on Device

The Device path is the directory on the device that the files will be pulled into.
The directory on the device must exist beforehand, otherwise, the update will fail.
JFrog Connect does not automatically create directories when deploying updates, you may create a folder using the "Run Command" block in the General Section.

Remote Repository URL

The intended repository URL to pull the files.

On Fail

Allows you to define the occurrences upon failure of the Git Repository block.
To read more about On Fail configuration, refer to the Rollback section.