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Applications are a user-defined version control of the deployed applications on your devices.


When trying to Version Control a fleet of thousands of devices, it can get really difficult.
The Application concept provides you with a simple yet powerful way to keep track of your fleet.
You are able to create apps which you later associate to devices. After associating an app, you can set a version on the associated device.
Associating an app can be done manually through the devices tab or when deploying an update - both manually and through API.
Using apps you can monitor and know at any time which code/app version is running on each of your devices.
You can also filter devices by apps and execute commands based on that filter.


The best example would be a product that is divided into 4 different services that run on the device simultaneously. To utilize the Application concept, define each service of your product into an application. When updating one of the services, simply define the next version of that service which would eventually allow you to keep track on what version exists on each device.