Set Application & Version

Applications serve as a user-defined version control of the software updates deployed to your devices.

Application Concept

Version control of software updates on thousands of devices in your fleet can be very difficult. The application (app) concept in JFrog Connect provides a simple yet powerful way to keep track of your fleet.

In Connect, you create an app, which is simply a name. When you create a software deployment, you will use the app name along with a version number as a way to associate software in the update with the devices the update is deployed to. This enables you to always know exactly which code (i.e., app version) is running on a specific device. You can also filter devices by apps and execute commands based on the filter used.


An example would be a product that includes four different services running on the device simultaneously. To utilize the application concept, define each service of your product as an app. When you update one of the services, simply define the new version of that service as the version of your app. This will enable you to know which version of the software exists on each device.

Create an Application

  1. Go to Devices in the left sidebar and then click New App.

  1. Enter a name for your new application and click Create.

Set App and Version

You set your application and version when you create a new deployment.

  1. In the New Deployment configuration, select the devices for the software update. It is recommended that you do this before entering an app version, but you can also do it afterwards.

  2. In the New Deployment configuration, choose Set App Version and choose an app from the dropdown list. If your app does not appear in the list, you can choose Create New App. Once you have created the new app, it will appear in the list.

  1. Enter a version for the app that you chose.

When you create the new deployment, the application and version will be associated with the devices that you chose.

Set App and Version using the API

You can set the application and version using the Update Deployment API call. In the body of the API request, use the app parameter with values for name and version.

What’s Next?

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