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A channel is the medium, such as email or webhook to an application, over which you receive alerts in JFrog Connect. This page describes how to configure channels.


A channel is the medium over which you receive alerts. For example, you can receive alerts by email or by webhook to one or more applications such as a pager or an external dashboard.

You must have at least one channel configured to configure an alert in JFrog Connect. The channels give you a lot of flexibility with your alerts in that you can configure different alerts to be delivered on different channels, and different channels to serve different subsets of devices.

Create a Channel

To create a channel, go to Alerts in the left navigation tree and click Create Channel.

Complete the following information:

  • Channel Name: Enter a name that will help you remember the purpose of this channel.

  • Send to channel when alert triggered: The notification will be sent to the channel as soon as the alert is triggered. (Can be marked with or without marking “when alert finished”).

  • Send to channel when alert finished: A notification will be sent to the channel when the alert is finished. (Can be marked with or without marking “when alert triggered”.)

  • Send to channel with bundled alerts: Mark this to avoid multiple messages through the selected channel type in case multiple devices are triggered at the same moment. If enabled, the alert will be sent as a list of all triggered devices in a single message.

  • Channel Type: Can be Email or Webhook. If you choose Email, enter the email address as shown below. The address must exist already. The email body is a standard email and cannot be customized.


If you choose Webhook, enter the Webhook URL. This is the URL of the application that will receive the alert messages.

You can use the default payload schema for the alert message, or you can customize the payload schema.

View Configured Channels

To see a summary of all the channels that have been configured, go to Alerts in the left navigation tree and click the Channels tab.

Edit Channel

To change the channel configuration, click the pencil edit icon and make your changes.

Disable Channel

To disable a channel, click the toggle switch in the Enabled column. You can reactivate the channel later by clicking the toggle switch again to put it in the Enabled state.

Delete Channel

To delete a channel from Connect, do the following:

  1. In the Channels tab, click the pencil edit icon.

  2. In Channel Details, click Delete Channel.

What’s Next?

Learn how to customize a webhook payload or use preformatted webhook templates in Set Webhook.

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