Create Connect Account for Existing Artifactory User

If you already have a JFrog Artifactory account, it’s easy to create a JFrog Connect account. Complete the procedure on this page.

This page describes how to set up a JFrog Connect account for the first time if you are an existing JFrog Platform (i.e., Artifactory) user.

The procedure below is relevant for existing Artifactory users and for setting up the main user only in the Connect account.

  • If you have never used a JFrog product, then use the procedure Create JFrog Connect Account.

  • If you are the main user of a JFrog Connect account and you want to add a new user to Connect who has already been using Artifactory, use the procedure Create User.

Start in Connect Login Page

  1. Go to the JFrog Connect login page. Enter the email address that you used for your Artifactory registration and continue.

  1. Enter your JFrog Platform Name and click Login.

  1. Sign in to the JFrog Platform: Enter your user name (i.e., the email address you provided for your Artifactory registration) and password, and click Login.

  1. When the Welcome window appears, click Continue and start the Setup wizard.

  1. Get your JFrog Admin Access Token, enter it, and continue.

  1. Go to Create JFrog Connect Account, and complete the procedure starting from Step 5.

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