Manage Account

This page describes how to view and edit your JFrog Connect account settings.


When you subscribe to JFrog Connect, your username, password, and other account settings are set up by default and managed as a JFrog Platform account. In the Connect Account tab, you can view your JFrog account settings and make changes as necessary.

View your Account Information

To view your account information, go to Settings in the left navigation tree and then click the Account tab.

In the Account tab, you can view your general settings and permissions and your current subscription settings and limits.

Change your Password

If you want to change your password, see the procedures in Change Password.

Change Subscription Settings

If you have Billing permissions, you can make changes to subscription settings and limits.

To make the changes, go to the Account tab. You can change the following settings:

  • Upgrade Plan

  • Cancel Subscription Renewal

  • Modify Billing Details

  • Add more Devices to Plan

Payment Information

When you add devices or upgrade from one plan to another, you will be charged with the current amount until the end of the current payment period, and the full (updated) amount will be charged in the following payment period.


Invoices are sent automatically every month to the email address used during the purchasing process.

If you need to change the email address, please send a request by email to

What’s Next?

Learn how to set up MFA for your account.

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