Add User from Artifactory

You can easily add users to JFrog Connect from the Artifactory UI.

You can create a Connect user in the User Management settings of JFrog Artifactory.

To start by creating a new Artifactory user, complete the procedure below. If the user already exists in Artifactory, and you want to add the user to Connect, start with Step 2 in the procedure below.

  1. Go to the Artifactory User Management settings and create a new user according to the procedure described Create or Edit Users.

Tip: If the user is already defined as an Artifactory user, you can start with Step 2 below. You will need to get the user’s username and password from the Artifactory User Management settings.

  1. In the User Management Settings give the user the username and password you defined in Artifactory.

  2. The new user must log in to Connect.

  1. Verify that the user appears in the Connect list of users and that the status is Active. Click the Edit pencil icon and assign the required General Permissions and Project Permissions to the new user.

What’s Next?

Learn more about the user permissions you can assign in Connect.

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