Tag Devices

Tags enable you to mark devices that belong to different JFrog Connect groups. You can then filter and perform actions on tagged devices. This page describes how to create and manage tags.


You can use tags to mark one or more devices within a group or mark devices that belong to different groups. Then you can filter on the tag name in order to view or perform actions on the tagged devices only.

Tag a Device

There is no limit to the number of tags you can create or the number of tags on a device. To tag a device, do the following:

  1. In the Devices page, go to the Tags column and click the Plus sign. If a device already has tags, click to the right of the last tag in its list of tags.

  1. Enter the name of the tag you want and click Add. If the name you entered does not appear in the list, a new name will be created. Next time you need that tag, it will appear in the list.

Remove a Tag

To remove a tag from a device, click the tag name on the device and click the X.

Delete a Tag

To delete a tag entirely, remove the tag from all devices with that tag. Once the tag is removed from the last device, it is deleted from the database.

You can also delete a tag using the Tags API call.

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